SAMAN accelerates NFT and metaverse application maps

In 2021, encryption continued the development of the market, currency circle hot spot also rapid iteration, and in this dazzling hot spots, NFT as the most-watched hot darling, referred to as links between real-world and chain block world bridge effectively, not only draws the eye of the encryption participants, also attracted a large number of celebrities from traditional industry. Due to the collection value and wealth creation effect of NFT, the NFT market is still growing. As of October 11, the total transaction volume of Opensea in THE NFT market exceeded 8.5 billion US dollars. Currently, this is the NFT market that has repeatedly hit new highs.

SAMAN, as an early pioneer in planning NFT, has been studying NFT for a relatively long time. The reason for SAMAN’s layout of NFT can explain the craze of NFT. Please continue to see ~

NFT boom

Even if you didn’t follow NFT, I’m sure you saw it in the media everywhere this year. In February 2021, THE NBA Top Shot raised more than $224 million in 28 days. In March, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey auctioned the first tweet in history for $2.92 million, while crypto artist Beeple’s NFT “Every Day — The First 5,000 Days” sold for nearly $69.34 million at Christie’s in mid-March. It was the highest price ever paid for a work of digital art at auction, making Beeple the third most expensive living artist. These hot news in the first quarter of 2021 have fueled the NFT boom.

Beeple works

While everyone thought that NFT was just a new concept, it actually originated in 2013 with Colored Coins, which are the colorful representation of bitcoin coins. As early as 17 years NFT(Crypto cat) has been all the rage in the encryption world, but suffering from the limitations of encryption technology in 17 years, NFT craze only lasted for a short period of time. However, the market demand for NFT was still there, which led to the birth of The Opensea trading platform in 2018, which is now the largest NFT trading platform. The reason why WE mention Opensea is that one of the most obvious statistics to illustrate the explosive growth of NFT is that, taking Opensea as an example, NFT sales were $94.8 million in 2020, and the transaction volume of Opensea is expected to exceed $27.5 billion in 2021. That represents an increase of 30,000 percent in 2021 from last year. This is an unimaginable rate of wealth growth for any industry, and with these wealth-making myths promoted, NFT’s audience is increasingly diverse, including blockchain developers, art collectors, Hollywood celebrities and ordinary users. Everyone is jumping on the NFT bandwagon.

NFT trading volume

The violent diversion of celebrity effect

The NFT boom is largely driven by celebrities. Take the traditional celebrities involved in NFT as an example, including musk, the richest man in the world, Beeple, Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, and NFT stars. More and more content creators and star-artists have joined the FIELD of NFT collections. For example, Musk, who returned to be the richest man in the world, has already paid attention to and joined NFT. With his worldwide popularity, his every move has been closely watched. Therefore, when he recommended NFT works on his personal social platform, his followers also began to pay attention to and gradually joined NFT. Musk is just one of the thousands of other NFT celebrities who have taken part in the project, and have a huge fan base behind them that is also paying attention to the NFT space, such as the power of celebrity traffic. A belt of celebrities in different industriesUnder its leadership, NFT is forming a strong and special community in which everyone can find their love.

NFT is going mainstream

As the NFT craze spreads beyond the circle, the impact of NFTs, in particular, has reached new heights. In addition, the suitability of NFT and the real industry has aroused the interest of all major brands in the industry, and they are willing to become a part of the NFT field. In August, Coca-Cola auctioned off a branded NFT skin that can be worn on Decentraland. Even more impressive, these big companies are starting to make their own footprints in the NFT field in their own way.

NFT’s approach to collaboration is not just about brands launching collections or auctioning rare pieces. It has successfully attracted the attention of major investment firms and even financial institutions. In late August, for example, Three Arrows Capital, a Singapore-based hedge fund, announced the creation of Starry Night. Starry Night’s mission is to “assemble the best NFT collection in the world”. On August 23, payment processing giant VISA announced via Twitter that it was buying CryptoPunk #7610 for $150,000. The announcement attracted significant media attention. It is widely disseminated in the world.

All in all, mainstream audiences will help NFT space consolidate its value. Let NFT get more stable development. In addition, NFT is inextricably linked with the Metaverse. With the entry of Facebook and other giants into the Metaverse, a new wave of Metaverse fever is coming, and NFT will also take advantage of the Metaverse development to a new stage.

Link to the future of the metaverse

The Metaverse craze started in 2021, but the Metaverse concept has been around for 30 years. It first appeared in Stephenson’s science fiction novel Avalanche, depicting the form of highly immersive virtual communities and worlds constructed within networks.

This original idea brought a new direction to the highly developed Internet after 30 years. The metaverse reimagines the Internet as a virtual world that is always open. In an environment, your virtual self or unique avatar can act as your calling card, allowing you to interact with others in a digital three-dimensional space. There is no doubt that virtual reality plays an important role in the creation and maintenance of the future meta-universe. In such a world, virtual transactions will be the norm in e-retailing, while VR travel, attending remote football matches or meetings will be shared quasi-physical activities. That is, you can truly feel the beauty of the world. If the current connected technology is 2D, then the meta-universe is to bring you immersive experience of the virtual world.

For example, the founder of Facebook used a virtual image to be interviewed for the first time this year and decided to build Facebook into a meta-universe company. As a social media giant, led by Facebook, various industry giants also began to the layout.

SAMAN accelerates NFT and metaverse application maps

It is clear that NFT and metasexes are key areas where significant developments can be expected in the future. NFT gets real-world recognition and engagement. With the coming metaverse boom, its future development space is infinite.

SAMAN has had NFT application planning in the early stage and has accelerated the implementation of NFT recently. In the future, there will be an NFTsa V1 trading platform in the APP. NFTsa V1 will allow users to directly generate wallets on the platform, upload NFT works, and realize one-click trading and collection functions. The types of products will include digital paintings, video, audio, GIF, domain name, game props, etc., and will provide users with DAO autonomous unique NFT trading community based on NFTsa.

A meta-cosmic-oriented NFT game world, where players can buy or trade NFT items in blockchain games, is play-to-earn. Can actually own and fully control their game assets.

Due to the changes in the market economy and political environment, the development of the project should not only keep the original intention but also keep pace with The Times. Only by growing fast can we reach the sea of stars faster.

SAMAN is dedicated to building the root for a pervasive decentralized Internet.