SAMAN (2022.01.29–2022.02.05) this week’s weekly report will share with you the latest product updates, project dynamics and project information of SAMAN from three sections

part1: Technology development progress and product update

The overall technical progress of the preparations for the mainnet launch has reached 88%, and the preparations for the launch of the mainnet have been in steady progress. In the new year, we look forward to SAMAN reaching a higher level. Mining Management V2.0 APP IOS & Android are under continuous development, and we look forward to seeing you with the new 2.0 version.

part2: project dynamics

The number of pledges in the whole network: 235650459 SAMAN, the cumulative amount of coins produced by mining in the whole network: 130712565 SAMAN, the number of pledges in the whole network has been increasing, no matter the market is in a bull market or a bear market, it can be seen that everyone’s persistence and trust in SAMAN, the SAMAN community is in everyone’s efforts Below, it will definitely be stronger.

part3: project information

In the NFT image design, we are committed to designing an NFT that everyone loves. Whether it is NFT or blockchain technology, SAMAN has always been at the forefront of the industry. In addition, community activities are being planned, and we hope to continue to launch more activities to give back to the community, so that everyone can share the results together.




SAMAN is dedicated to building the root for a pervasive decentralized Internet.

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SAMAN is dedicated to building the root for a pervasive decentralized Internet.

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